Monday, 22 February 2010

Belle Sauvage Catwalk Show from On|Off TV on Vimeo.

On|Off Presents... The catwalk Show from On|Off TV on Vimeo.

Ramon Gurillo Show from On|Off TV on Vimeo.

It's 00:54 on Tuesday morning, I've just got home from working my last day for On/Off at London Fashion Week and I'm absolutely zonked. Over the next week the video team at On/Off will be posting the videos of the shows they hosted which I shall post on here, most of them were absolutely fantastic.
I worked Pam Hogg's show today and can safely say it was nothing short of a nightmare, not enough shoes for the models and most of them were arrogant as hell. One was so rude to me that I was tempted to either smash the kettle I was holding into his skull or start to cry. Thankfully I did neither and smiled politely instead, after all, it was Nick Cave's son. Absolute :

P.S. I saw Siouxie's fanny today too! Just to brighten the mood...

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

I want! Buckle shoes from Bona Drag..and £98. Ah, may have to start my 21st wish list pretty soon.

Shop here

Also, JLS got TWO Brits? Seriously?


Some of the best costumes from Ava and Keelans conspiracy party:

Rhys as Courtney Love

Keelan as Lee Harvey Oswald

Mark as JFK

Sally as An Activia Yoghurt

Kate & Hannah as Maddy & The Windings conspiracy

Ava as Patty Hurst

Seamus as God

Me as the Chemtrail conspiracy.