Monday, 18 January 2010

Stumbled across this great blog, there are a lot of nudey shots if you want a little sexy time fun. These are my favourites:
(link to site:

Inspiration for the summer season. I just bought some high waisted stone wash denim jeans, maybe I should rip them to get that 90's yank look down even better.

This tree house is pretty sick. My dad built me one when I was younger, one of the only handyman tasks he succeeded in carrying out ( he still owes me a dollshouse for my 6th birthday). I tried my first cigarette in that hut and carried out missions with friends, sadly over one winter some lone ranger set up camp in it and when i returned after the snow had melted I found a sofa, a set of silver golf clubs and books on how to make bombs. Sad times.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Party Monster

Movie night with Ava, Keelan and Moose. The Amanda Lepore soundtrack was pretty sick and very reminiscent of first year, when we thought we were oh so cool. Maybe not. Didn't get as far as the heroin though, that can be a quest to follow after graduation.

Friday, 15 January 2010

May have something to do with why there are now several ridiculously huge bruises decorating my leg/ass/foot. Fail. Good tights though! Thanks Ava.

This is AMAZING. AND IT'S CHEAP!!!really, it's really, really cheap. Maybe if I leave it up here some kind soul will buy it for me? :)
Here is where you can buy it:
I waste far too much time on Polyvore. Just thinking about what kind of goodies I can buy with this loan installment. A pair of dangling lip earrings named after the seven deadly sins would be pretty fucking cool, shame they're around £900.

Koo Koo the Bird Girl and friends made me very happy today...can't really knock a beard like that.

Advanced Beauty by Universal Everything -

I got this for the bf for christmas and thought i'd share it with folks who may be interested in music visualization. The DVD is around £15 but you can probably stream it off the internet, these guys deserve the money though tbh. It's a collection of 18 different artists responding to music visually through computer programming. Clever, clever stuff.

Off Modern after effects.

This is how I feel right now. But I am starting this up again...and not touching Havana Club rum for at least a fortnight.